Sunday, February 24, 2013

Read Across America

Hi there!

I am so excited to be writing to you today about Read Across America! 

This year marks the 16th year for Read Across America!  I just love this promotional event, sponsored by the National Education Association which encourages reading! This year, Read Across America Day falls on Saturday, March 1st!  March 2nd is also Dr. Seuss's birthday! What a great way to celebrate one of the most beloved children's authors as well as inspiring kids to READ!

If you are participating in a Read Across America project or program, you can add your listing on the Read Across America Website here.  If you would like to have more resources, book lists, or ideas to encourage reading click here.

I was inspired to create a FREEBIE to give away to my friends, fans and followers that would encourage kids to pick up a book!

Click the cover to download the freebie!

I created a special Read Across America punch card, which features 24 spaces on it. The idea is that for each book the student reads, they get a punch or one of the squares marked off. Once they complete a full card, they can receive a prize. It can be something small like stickers or pencils, or even a book. You can continue with this all year if you want to, and collect more than 2 cards for bigger prizes!

I also made book marks featuring a favorite Dr. Seuss quote! These can be laminated and handed out for prizes too!

I've always believed that if you could teach a kid (or adult even) to read, they could do anything that they wanted to! If you pick up a book, you can travel the world, explore ancient civilizations, and even go to the moon!

Danielle's Top 5 Ways to Encourage Reading

5.  Introduce reading at a young age by taking field trips to the local library!

4.  Participate in reading events (like Read Across America).

3.  Visit book stores for story hour, or to peruse the stacks and stacks of books! (Yay!)

2.  Make your own books!  (A favorite of mine since an early age)

1.  Designate time each night to read a book together with your children (or other family members).


I am putting this freebie set on Classroom Freebies too so that others can enjoy them!  If you would like to forward the URL along to your friends and colleagues, I'd love it.

To download the Read Across America freebie, click on the cover above or click HERE.

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Miracle for Miracle....

Dear Friends,

I'd like to tell you what a dear blogging friend of mine is doing to help a little girl in her school that was recently diagnosed with Leukemia.

Samantha (a.k.a. Ms. Smarty Pants) came home the other day and shared the news that a first grader in her school named Miracle was recently diagnosed with Leukemia.  Miracle has been through a lot in her life including the loss of her mother when she was a baby, she also has Cerebral Palsy.  Miracle is currently in the hospital receiving treatments. (Miracle is pictured above along with her monkey friends.) 

Samantha jumped to action, putting together a packet of materials she donated as well as her blogging friends, including myself.  There are 31 products, valued at over $100 being offered for a donation of $25.00.  All of the donations collected are being given to Miracle's family to help with expenses (travel to and from the hospital, medical expenses, etc).  

Together, with your donation of $25.00, we can make a difference to help Miracle and her family.  

To learn more about the products included in the packet, and to make your donation, click on the links above.  The link will take you directly to Samantha - Ms.Smarty Pants Blog.

Thank you so much in advance for taking time to read this message. Thoughts and prayers are with Miracle and her family for complete healing.  A huge thank you to Samantha for allowing me to be a part of this effort. Miracle's story truly touched my heart.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Domino Matching Game

Materials needed:
  • Stickers
  • Cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Lamination film / Clear Contact Paper
  • Domino / Matching Game Template (Click link to download)
  • Avery Magnet Paper (optional)

This project is simple, and easy to put together in just a few minutes. This is one that the kids can work on right along side of you.

The domino/matching game can be created with any color card stock, or any type of stickers. For my example I chose to use 2 colors of pastel cardstock to make a matching game. I selected a package of baby farm animal stickers which would match well with the farm theme.


1. Print off the domino/matching game template onto cardstock. Using a template makes it easier to keep the game pieces the same size, and it saves time having to draw it out onto the individual pieces of paper. Print out as many sets of domino/matching game pieces as desired.

2. Cut out the individual game pieces, leaving the line in the middle. This provides you with 2 halves in which to create dominoes OR you can create a matching game as shown in the example.

3. Select the stickers for your project. Stickers don't have to be acid free, as you will be laminating over top of them.

4. Place the stickers onto the domino/matching game pieces as desired. In the sample, one animal sticker fit perfectly on each square of the game piece.
5. After the stickers are secure on the game pieces, laminate it for durability using a heated laminator or clear contact paper.

Now you're ready to play!

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P.S.  We had our first babies of the season on February 7th.  There will be anywhere from 15-20 more being born between now and the 3rd week of March!    This is what I do when I am not working on new projects, and creating! :)  

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

I hope that everybody had a great day today.  I think I've had enough chocolate to sink a ship today! :)  As many of you know,  it's kidding time here on the farm.  I've been up at my parent's barn checking a doe that is due.  We were hoping for some Valentine's Day babies... nothing yet!

When I am not in the barn, I am busy creating new learning materials.  I am SOOO looking forward to Spring.  I love everything about it.  The bright colors, smells, and the newness of the little babies being born on the farms.  I've often though that the outdoors was the best kind of classroom.  Just think of all of the sorting, classifying, and counting (just to name a few) that you can do!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Start of Lent...

Today is the start of Lent.

If you are looking for materials to use with your students regarding Lent, Lesley from Practice Makes (Almost) Perfect has created this packet: It includes 2 booklets and a craftivity to help children become closer to Jesus during Lent.  There are very few quality products available for Lent, this is one of the reasons I was so happy to see this publication that Lesley created.

Click the Cover to view the Product 

The end of Lent is March 30 which is the Saturday before Easter Sunday.

The 14th day of the 14 Days for the Love of Teaching Blog Hop has been posted:  It was posted a little early so everyone would have a chance to download before Valentine's Day.  Click on the link below and you will be able to visit Martha at Primary Paradise to pick up your freebie.

If you've missed any Blog posts from the 14 Days for the Love of Teaching Blog Hop, you can click on the links below and visit the individual pages.

A HUGE thank you to each of the wonderful ladies that participated in this Blog Hop:  Samantha, Cyndie, Cynthia, Lesley, Christi, Merinda, Karla, Christina, Mel, Laureen, Teresa, Wendy , and Martha!   This was such a FUN Hop.  Stay tuned for future events !!!!

Tomorrow,  I will be adding some new pages to this Blog as well as changing a little bit of the format.  I will be adding more content on the Blog including photos and tutorials.

I hope that you have an awesome day tomorrow,  Happy Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

14 Days for the LOVE of Teaching Blog Hop!

AAWWW... Welcome to Day 6 of the 14 Days for the LOVE of Teaching Blog Hop!

It's an honor to be a part of this group of extraordinary teachers, and creators... as well as being a part of this Blog Hop. Have you enjoyed downloading the wonderful goodies from Ms Smarty Pants, Chalk one up for the Teacher, 2nd Grade Pad, Practice Makes (Almost) Perfect, and Ms. Fultz's Corner?  I am giddy with glee to see all of their fabulous creations!

I am SQUEELING with excitement to share with you my FREEBIE,  "Cupig Long Vowel Sort."  

Featuring Miss Cupig! :)

Miss Cupig is dedicated to our  friend, Teresa Williams.  Not only is she an inspiration to others, she's also loves piggies too! :)   

A Cupig Long Vowel Sort Center Sign with Teacher Instructions

Cupig Vowel Header Cards - Perfect for sorting the Heart Cards!

Cupig Heart Cards - There are 30 Heart Cards featuring words with long vowels.  Students will sort the heart cards by long vowels a, e, i, o, and u! Then writing the words in the correct columns on the Cupig Long Vowel Sort Record Sheet.

Students will write the words on the Cupig Long Vowel Sort Record Sheet!

To download this freebie, click on the Cupig Cover above!

Argh Matey's...Tomorrow (Day 7 of the Blog Hop), you're going to HOP over to Pirate Girl's Education Invation to see what Merinda has for you!  Click on the button before to visit her Blog!

This has been such a FUN experience!  I hope that you are enjoying the 14 Days for the LOVE of Teaching Blog Hop!

P.S.  a HUGE thank you to Mel at Graphics from the Pond for making the super cute and colorful Blog Hop graphics for us!  She's the Go-To-Gal for adorable customs clippies! :)

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

Friday, February 1, 2013

Blog Hop and a Super sale...

YAY! The 14 days for the LOVE of Teaching Blog Hop starts TODAY!!!  The first stop in the Blog Hop is visiting Samantha from Ms. Smarty Pants!!!  Click on the graphic below to visit her wonderful blog, and to see what she has for you today!

Click above to start the Blog Hop!


Did someone mention a sale???

Yep!   TPT is hosting a site wide sale this coming Sunday!   WOO HOO!    You know all those goodies you have been hoarding in your wishlist?  Uh huh?  It'd be a great time to pick up those items!

Stop by my Crayonbox Learning store on Sunday, and receive 28% off ALL items (digital and DVD).

How cool is it to SHOP in your jammies!!!   See you there!!

Have a GREAT day!