Blog Tutorial # 1 - Installing TPT Links & Widgets

I have created this tutorial to demonstrate how to install the TPT Widget on your Blogger Blog.

It's a good idea to have 2 screens open when you do this.  One would be your Dashboard for TPT, and the other would be your Dashboard for your Blogger Blog.

From your TPT Dashboard, look at the center of the page where it says Marketing & Promotion.  Find the link where it says "Link to your Store" as highlighted in the image above.

When the page changes, you will select the widget above.  Click on the RED button that says "Get Code."

Step 1,  you will COPY the text that is in the box marked #1 shown in the image above.

Next, you will open up your Blogger Dashboard and click on TEMPLATE in the left tool menu.  
Underneath the image of your store, you will see 2 buttons (Layout (l) and Edit HTML (r)

The next screen will come up, and you will see the HTML coding.  You will be looking for the tag that looks like this <body>  You can see in the highlighted section in my Blog HTML where I have pasted my Widget code.  You will paste your code after the <body> tag.   After you do this, save.

The next step requires that you go back to your TPT Dashboard (see image above) and copy the text where the #2 is indicated.   It is a small code, that will need to be pasted into the sidebar of your Blogger Blog.

You will go back to your Blogger Dashboard and select LAYOUT (instead of Edit HTML).

The image below shows what the Layout section looks like when it is open.  Your boxes for your sidebar may be different than mine.  You will need an HTML / JAVASCRIPT box to paste the last piece of code.  You will need to choose the HTML/JAVASCRIPT box that is in the location that you want the TPT Widget to appear.  

If you do NOT already have an HTML/Javascript box - you can create one easily by selecting ADD a Gadget (at the top of the sidebar row as shown in the picture below)  

(Skip down 2 images if you already have the HTML/JAVASCRIPT box)

After you click on "add a gadget"  this little box will come up. You will scroll down to where it says HTML/JAVASCRIPT.  That will add a box (it usually is positioned at the bottom of the sidebar, you can reposition it later!)

This is where you will paste the code for the TPT Widget (Step #2), and SAVE.   What this code does is tell the Blogger program where to show the Widget.   If you want to see if it works,  click on the PREVIEW tab at the top of the page and you will be able to view your Blog. Sometimes when the Widget is first installed it takes a minute to load.  After you see where it is positioned, then you can decide if you would like to move up the HTML/JAVASCRIPT box up on your sidebar or not.  To do this, you just mouse over it and you will see that the boxes move.  You can move any box up or down to be placed where you want them.

If you want to install the other type of TPT Button (the static button that just directs people to your store),  you would simply copy the code from your TPT Dashboard, and paste it into an HTML/JAVASCRIPT box.  

This is what my Blog looks like so you can see what the TPT Widget will look like after it's installed properly.   If you have any questions, or get stuck, feel free to EMAIL ME and I will do my best to help you.

Good luck, and happy blogging!


  1. Hi Dani! Thank you soooo much for this awesome tutorial! I put the TpT link on my blog - finally thanks to your great step-by-step directions!! I'm your newest follower!!

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  15. I followed this to a T!!! Thank you so much... but now I see a little symbol next to all of my widgets that looks like a wrench and it says edit.. Am I the only one seeing that? I know it sounds weird..but I haven't seen that until today.. blogging world is a challenge.. I can run my ipads, laptops and chromebooks with my eyes closed..throw me some code and I feel like a vampire must when day starts to break.. I am wilting!!! Thanks!!

  16. Hi there... Sorry that you feel like a vampire. :) (My email address is on each page at the top with the little envelope (email) symbol. The little wrench/edit would be seen by you in your Layout section of your Blog next to each of your widgets. You are the only one that sees that while you are editing your Blog. It isn't viewed on your Blog. I am answering you here, in case others wonder the same thing. -Danielle-

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  22. Thank you SO much for this tutorial!! It is wonderful and easy to follow! I would have never figured this out on my own!


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