Sunday, April 28, 2013

Facebook Tutorial # 2 - Woobox Fangate and Custom Tabs

Woobox has several different Apps to choose from. I started with the App for HTML Fan Gate. This will allow me to give away a Fan Only Freebie each week.  Only the people that LIKE my Facebook page will be able to see the freebie.  (If you go to my Facebook page, and click on the FREE tab, you will see how the landing page looks.)

If you do NOT want to learn about Woobox, you can scroll down to just the portion about the custom tabs.

To set up an App on Woobox, you first start out by logging in using your Facebook log in.  If your business (TPT) page is different than your main account (some TPT sellers use their main FB account for their business, while others like me created a separate page for the store) you can still set up your App for the Fan Gate.  I'll share the difference later in this tutorial.

Note:  Woo Box changed their format at the end of October 2014.  This tutorial is being updated with a few new screenshots.  The process is still the same,  it just looks a little different than it did before.

After you have logged in to Woobox, you will want to click in the upper menu (as seen in the above screen shot) where it says static tab.  When the new page opens, you will click where it says "Create New Tab"

If you already have tabs (like I do) to re-configure them, you click on Edit tab.

To configure your tab, you will need to follow a few simple steps.

The first section is the PAGE SOURCE.  This is for the first image for your fan gate.  This particular section highlights HTML.  This is a little advanced, but it is used when you want to make an image map.  An image map is a clickable image.   You'll see in the upper right corner 4 choices; URL, Redirect, Image, or HTML. The URL section is in place of the HTML pictured.  You'd type in the URL path for the image you want to use.  The Redirect, is if you are redirecting the image to another URL.  IMAGE is when you upload the image you want to use onto Woo Box.  and HTML (as seen below) has coding which tells the App what image, link, etc.

This next screen show shows what the page will look like when the URL is selected rather than the HTML.

Below, where it says FAN GATE PAGE SOURCE - is where you will put the URL, or upload the image that fans see.  You have the option to choose URL, Image, and HTML.  Note, there is a selection for OFF. If you click OFF there,  anyone will be able to see your freebie.  So you want to make sure that you have either a URL, or image uploaded there.

Once you have configured your tab, be sure to SAVE.  

After you are finished saving,  the tab is then installed.  To view it, there is a link on the left hand side that says View Facebook Tab.  The page will redirect to your Facebook page.  Please note:  If you are using your main account to create the tabs, you won't have to do anything else to reach the settings page on Facebook.  If you are using a separate business FB page, then  you'll see a request at the top of the page that asks you to change names.  At this point after I click to switch from Crayonbox Learning to my name, Danielle Westvang I usually go back to my FB page and log in again.  It's pretty simple.

How that you have the tabs made,  it's time to make it look cute! :)

Custom Tabs
(update 7/10/14 - This is for the older version of Facebook.   Scroll down to see the tutorial for the new version)

This is a screenshot of how my FB page looks today.  As you can see there are 3 custom tabs for TPT, Free, and Pins.   

To the right of the last custom pin (where the purple arrow is) there is a little pull down icon. Click on that.  It will bring down the 2nd row of button spaces and also the edit button as shown in the next screen shot.

 You will want to click on the little edit button in the upper right corner of the tab you would like to customize.  You will see a scroll menu that comes up when you have clicked on the edit menu.

Scroll down to where it says EDIT SETTINGS:

After you click the Edit settings, a little box will come up that looks like this:

In the box that says Custom Tab Name: That is where you type in what you want to call your button. On mine it says Fan Freebies.  Above that where it says "Custom Tab Image" you will click on the link next to it marked change.

If this is your first time changing the image, it will be a generic FB image at first.

The size of the image you need is 111 x 74 pixels. It HAS to be exact for it to work.  It will not upload and save if you have it too wide or too tall.

You will choose the file you want to upload and save.   

You can complete the process for how ever many App tabs you have.  This tutorial may seem long, but to actually complete the steps takes just a few minutes.   After you have installed your Apps and changed the images,  then you will want to log into your Facebook page/account and see how they look.  If for some reason they did not load correctly or look different then you can go back through and repeat the steps.

Even if you use different Apps for the HTML Fan Gate,  changing the images will work the same.


If your Facebook page layout has not changed, it will soon enough.  Facebook has changed the look of the page so that the tabs are on the left menu instead of underneath the cover.  The screen shots below explain how to edit those tabs.  (You will still install the Woo Box App the same as above)

This is what the new page layout looks like.  As you can see, just below the header are links not tabs.  Click on the MORE to see the pull down menu (as seen in picture below).

From the pull down menu, select the tab that you would like to edit.

You'll change out your images just like you would on the old page format. (Above)

This screen shot shows the bottom of the settings page  You can change the tab image, and title of the tab where the green arrow indicates.  The tab dimensions 111 x 74 are still the same.

Update 7/6/13 - If you would like to know how to host your fan freebies on Google Docs, I have written a new tutorial to explain the process {HERE}.

I hope that this tutorial helps.  If you have any questions,  feel free to email me and I will do my best to help you.

2/15/14 -  I have updated this page to include a link to Erica Bohrer's new "Getting Started on TPT" link up.  She has written a really thorough how-to post for new and veteran TPT sellers alike.  Click on the link below to stop by and visit her Blog.  

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Take It and Make It Thursdays - Fish Travel Game

Boy am I excited to share with you this week for the Take It and Make It Linky Party brought to you by Cynthia at 2nd Grade Pad!!!  Each Thursday, you'll find something that you can take with you and make at home!  You can look through past entries and find some pretty cool stuff to make.  While you are visiting Cynthia's Blog, be sure to show her some love. :)  I know I love reading comments from YOU... I am sure she will too!

I'm sharing with you a simple travel game activity that I created for publication.  You'll probably be seeing more of my fish/ocean animals as we draw closer to summer!  I can hardly wait! :)

Fish Travel Game 

Click the picture to download template or below in the materials list. :)

Materials Needed:

  • Magnet Paper
  • Scissors
  • Sharpie Pen (Non-Bleed)
  • Printer
  • Ziploc Baggies
  • Small metal tin or cookie sheet

This simple activity is perfect for summer travel with the kids! You can pre-make multiple sets, and put them inside a small metal tin or pack with a small cookie sheet. If you prefer recycled items, tin cookie tin lids also work great for portable work tins.


  1. Print template onto Magnet Paper.
  2. Use a Sharpie Marker to color in, or draw numbers, shapes, alphabet letters onto the printed out magnet paper. Let dry completely.
  3. Cut out individual game pieces.
  4. Store game pieces in Ziploc baggies.

I wanted to let you know that my friend Sonya DeHart (Sonya DeHart Designs) is having a HUGE sale on her website this week as a fundraiser for her little boy who was recently diagnosed with Autism. He will require some special services and resources, and this is one way that WE can help her out. Many of the clipart/paper items are $1.00. It's a good time to stock up, while helping her out.  Sonya is such a sweet gal. She's always been happy to help whenever I have needed anything.  Be sure to pass the word along to all of your friends too! ;)

Thank you to everyone who has stopped by and left me notes on my Blog.  You are awesome!

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Jack & the Beanstalk - Product Swap

I am really excited to be a part of this Product Swap!   Some of my favorite bloggy friends came together and swapped products.  Most of the blogs that you will visit during the hop feature photos from classrooms, showing the products in action.   There are a few of us that aren't currently working in a classroom setting. That's just fine, as it provides another perspective when reviewing a product. 

A huge thank you to Samantha from Ms. Smarty Pants for coordinating this event.

And now on to my review... ;)

Plants featuring Jack and the Beanstalk by The Fun Factory!!!

Jack & the Beanstalk is one of my favorite fairy tales. I am not sure if it was because of the handsome Giant or the idea that somebody (height impaired) like me could climb a tall beanstalk and go above the clouds. :)  

I chose this product to review in part because of the fact that it is perfect for spring time learning centers because of the subject of plants.  I also just love the 2 authors, and I couldn't wait to share a product of theirs with you!  

The first thing I noticed about this packet is it is that it was organized into sections to make it easy to find what I needed.  The packet comes with language arts activities, whole group activities, small group activities, even a phonological awareness activity! There are suggested activities for the dramatic play area,  That's not all, there are also centers for science, math, and measurement!  You can use this Unit as a stand alone, or to add onto a larger plant/science unit. 

Below I will be showcasing a couple of the science activities included in the Jack and the Beanstalk packet.  I selected these particular activities because I really liked how they were implemented, as well as my love for science! :)  

This was one of my favorite projects, measuring using a "beanstalk."   I loved this idea because it tied in the Beanstalk theme, but it is also a fun activity for students to see just how big or small something is in comparison.  There is a recording sheet also included in the packet for students to write down what they measured and compare it to other items that were also measured.

These colorful cards are included in the science section to go along with the book "How Plants Grow" by Dona Rice (it is referenced, but also suggests any other book about plants).  The picture cards are used as a visual aid as well as can be used as a matching/sequencing game afterwards.

This cut and paste activity was included in the science section.  I am a fan of cut and paste activities to reinforce skills or subjects. As you can see in the screen shot, this particular activity features the life cycle of the plant.  The students will cut out the picture and paste it in the appropriate square. This activity can be used as a stand alone activity, a review of the life cycle, or follow up to the story and picture card activity.  

Plants, featuring Jack and the Beanstalk is one of my favorites.  I enjoyed looking through the packet, and sharing it with you.  For more products like this, hop on over to The Fun Factory.  They have an amazing collection of products based on Fairy Tales.   On a personal note: I absolutely adore Kathy and Susan.  They were not kidding when they titled their store The Fun Factory!  These 2 ladies have more energy and pizazz than a herd of goats wearing sequined hot pants carrying poodle purses! (inside joke!) :) I would have loved to have them both for teachers when I was in school!  They are both just lovely ladies and I am honored to know them.

Kathy and Susan from The Fun Factory were sooooooo sweet, they have offered to let me give away 1 copy of their Plants Unit and I am also giving away a digital item from my store!!!   I am so excited!  To enter, all you need to do is fill out the Rafflecopter below by following The Fun Factory's blog,  my blog, and you can earn an extra entry by leaving a comment below! The lucky winner will be announced on Saturday!!!   Have fun and good luck!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Celebrating Earth... And Mothers

Monday is Earth Day! 

How do you celebrate Earth Day in your classroom?   Do you recycle or talk about different objects that you might use in the classroom that can be re-used?  

At home, I try and find uses for containers such as bottles, boxes, and bags.  Bottles come in handy during kidding season as we use some of them to feed the babies with.  Boxes and bags are re-used year round so it's nice to have a little stockpile of different sizes.  I have saved packing pellets that have come in shipments to use for projects. Did you know that they aren't being made from foam anymore?  Some companies are starting to use soy packing pellets.  They are biodegradable and also edible!  Who would want to eat a packing peanut?  I don't know, but it's nice to see that businesses are starting to look more into using products that are better for the planet!

Did you know that you can recycle your used toner cartridges for your printers?  Staples has a program where you can earn cash back for all of the recycle cartridges that you turn back in.  There are companies online that also pay for certain cartridges. This might be a way for classrooms to earn a few bucks to put toward classroom projects. If you put a basket out for student's parents to drop off their used cartridges too, it adds up pretty quickly. If you Google "recycle ink cartridges," and look for the listings that offer buy back programs.  HP also offers a recycle program by providing a prepaid envelope to customers when they purchase ink direct from HP.  All you do is put the used cartridges in the envelope and mail it back.  HP takes care of the rest.  

 If you're looking for last minute activities to work on this week, my new Earth Day packet is on TPT.  Some of the items you'll receive are included in the previews.  Click on the images to be taken to my store!  I really like how the Earth Day Mobile turned out!   (All of my products feature my hand drawn images!!)  I have begun offering a small selection of commercial use artwork.  My Earth Day set is found here:

Click on the image to visit my store!

Mom's the word!

Mother's Day is coming up on May 12th.  Write it down! :) Every year, I receive email messages asking me for project ideas for kids to make and give their Mom's for Mother's Day.

I created this original card idea as freebie to celebrate MOM's last year and it was such a hit I thought I would share it with you today.  The teapot is actually a foldable card.  The tea cup has space to write on it. Add a nice tea bag (and maybe a gift card for a mani/pedi or favorite restaurant?)  and it makes a nice keepsake gift!

Click on the image to go download the freebie! 

Up next,  Tuesday I will be featuring a product from The Fun Factory as part of the S'more Product Swap event.  I am excited to share with you the cute packet from The Fun Factory.  
Also, stay tuned for some exciting news.... A little HINT:  My favorite bloggy friends and I have put together a super FUN event for teachers appreciation.  My lips are sealed as to what it is just yet. All I can tell you is that you won't want to miss it! :)
Have a great day....!!!
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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Be Yourself... An Original.

This beautiful image was illustrated and painted by Jody Bergsma   Those who may not know who she is,  she is an incredible illustrator and water color artist from Bellingham, Washington.   She had been working on this particular illustration as part of her online class for water coloring. (Which she does freely).   The caption on this image this morning was:

"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

I particularly liked it because of the blue fish.  The blue fish is a clown fish, which traditionally are colored orange and white.  When I see this image I think about how being original is important in all walks of life.

I like to apply my uniqueness to the drawings and products that I create.  I'm asked quite often how come I don't do what everybody else does. :)  Simple.  That wouldn't be me. (Some of you may not realize that I hand draw all of the images that are featured in my products.)

I stumbled across a t-shirt last year that had a doodled fish swimming one direction, and a school of fish going the opposite direction. I came home and I illustrated my own version of it using funny goldfish (below) and captioned it " There's always one... BE the one!"  because I think it's a great reminder that it's OK to go a little different direction than everyone else.  You still get to some of the same destinations, but perhaps took in a little different scenery! :)

My thought for you this Sunday is to stay true to who YOU are.  Your family, friends, and even your products in your store will benefit from your YOU-ness. :)

And now for a freebie...   I found this in my files and thought it was a bit fun.  Since our skies are so blue today with a little wind (perfect for hot air balloons),  I thought I would share this.  It's a simple number tracing activity 1-20,  with hot air balloons.  If you decide you like it, and would like a blank template so you can add numbers etc... send me a note with your email address and I will send it to you.  :)

I grew up in a small down in Washington state known for antique malls, and hot air balloons.  I miss hearing the sound of the burners lifting the balloons into the air.  I always wanted to go on a hot air balloon ride to see as far as I could see....  but I think my fear of falling from the sky trumped that idea. :))

Be sure to stop by my friend Mel's blog...from Graphics from the Pond.  She is participating in a fundraiser to generate some much needed resources for her fellow Aussies who were affected by Tropical Storm Oswald. It's a really good opportunity to obtain some super resources, while helping some folks out that can really need it!  I plan on donating too!   Super Pack for Bundy

Have a wonderful week, and remember.... BE YOURSELF!

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Friday, April 12, 2013

Autism Awareness Winner, TGIF!!!

We have a winner!!!   First off I would like to THANK everyone who participated in the Autism Awareness Linky!   We had 733 entries, and that is AWESOME!  Not only did we make new bloggy friends, but together we spread the word about Autism!

Second,  I would like to congratulate Wendy M, from California!  She won the Autism Awareness Giveaway!   She was really excited to win!  Thank you Wendy for your kind words, and the shout out on your page!   I am glad that you can put these goodies to use with your autistic student!  If you need anything else, be sure to let me know. 

Stay tuned for some FUN new events coming up! YAY! :)

A special thank you to the ladies that participated in the Autism Awareness Linky - Cynthia from 2nd Grade Pad, Arlene Manemann (TPT),  Teresa Williams - 2nd Grade Pig Pen, Cyndie Dunn - Chalk One Up For the Teacher,  Christina from 2nd Grade Sugar & Spice, Martha from Primary Paradise, Christi from Ms Fultz Corner, Mel from Graphics from the Pond, Lesley from Practice Makes (Almost) Perfect, Kathy & Susan from The Fun Factory, Wendy from Teacher's Toolkit, Samantha from Ms. Smarty Pants, and Merinda from Pirate Girl Education Invasion, Karla from Life in Special Education, Laureen from Teach with Laughter,

Also a thank you to Peggy from Special Education, and Amber Fernbach author of Jenna's Brother has Autism.

This was a wonderful event, and I am so glad that each of you were a part of it.  Have a great weekend!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Let's Talk About Blogs, Baby.....(Link Up)

Happy Friday!

I was completing my morning ritual of perusing Pinterest *sigh* and I stumbled upon the "Let's Talk About Blogs, Baby" link up over at First Grade Smiles!   The idea is that each Blog that participates fills out a blank question grid, and then adds their own question about Blogging...  Sounds cool, right?  I decided to jump in and participate.

Below are my answers to the questions:  (Click on the image to go back to First Grade Smiles, so you can link up your own answers!)

I'm fairly new to writing my own Blog,  though I am not new to having my own website.  When I first began Blogging (a year ago), I thought that there was some great mystery in having one designed.  As I have spent hours Blog stalking, I have come to realize that a Blog is basically a virtual snapshot of WHO the Blogger is.

In many instances, you can read the carefully worded prose and almost hear the person talking. I can't tell you how many Blogs I have come across that I find myself wanting to read MORE either because the writer is hilariously funny, or is so creative that it makes Martha Stewart seem more like Home EC 101 back in high school rather than the crafty Diva she really is.

Each Blog is a unique experience. I tend to pick Blogs that are not so cluttered with buttons and links on both sides of the Blog (I prefer a minimalist display).  I love to look at PICTURES!!!   I also love it when people leave sweet comments. Comments that are self promoting asking me to follow their store or buy their product, not so much. :)

One little piece of advice that I have come to really take to heart <3 and that is to be ORIGINAL!!!  It can be really tempting when you come across a Blog that you really like and want to duplicate it.  The problem comes in where the focus is so much on being like someone else, that identity of the Blogger is lost.  A friend of mine commented not too long ago about wanting her Blog to be just like the "biggies" and I thought to myself how funny that was.  Her Blog is one of the best that I've seen, and she was worried about it not being like someone else's.  Keeping up with the Jones' Bloggy style?   I think not.  The best Blogs are a reflection of the person who writes on it.  Show a little of who you are, be a little daring, think OUTSIDE the BOX!!!  Write something about yourself, share with your readers that there is something more to you than a page with graphics, cute fonts, and a long post with products for sale.

A REALLY good Blog is one where the person reading it becomes engaged, and wants to read more.  All Blogs, especially this one, are works in progress.  So today I share this with you,  and tomorrow I will probably post something about my goats or purple poodle purses ( a joke with a friend.)   Remember to HAVE FUN.  Even if your Blog is designed to be a tool for your budding business, if it isn't fun (and causes stress or anxiety...(code for need for CHOCOLATE), then something is out of balance and it needs to be sorted out.

If you have some Bloggy advice,  be sure to stop by First Grade Smiles and leave some Bloggy Love!  I'd love to hear from you too!

Happy Blogging!!!