Monday, May 20, 2013

Memorial Day Craftivity

Click HERE for printable version of instructions.

Materials Needed:

6 popsicle sticks
DecoArt Paint – Lipstick red, white
Mod Podge Glossy Coat
Blue Cardstock
Star Stickers
Red, White, Blue ribbon
Embellishments (optional)
E6000 Glue
Cardboard 4 x 6 Scrap

Memorial Day, or 4th of July, crafters around the country will be celebrating along with their families and friends. Parents are always on the look out for activities that kids can do at family functions that will keep the kids occupied, but have fun at the same time. This project is recommended for children 5 or older, with moderate supervision due to the use of the E6000 glue.


1. Place 6 popsicle sticks onto a piece of old newspaper or paper scrap.

2. Use the popsicle sticks as a measure to trim your piece of cardboard scrap. It is ok if the top and bottom popsicle sticks overhang the cardboard a little bit. The cardboard is used to make the sign fairly sturdy.

3. Paint 3 popsicle sticks (front, and sides only) red, and 3 popsicle sticks white. Let dry.

4. Measure a piece of ribbon to use as the hanger of the sign. Glue each end to the cardboard scrap face up. When you begin gluing the popsicle sticks on, the ribbon ends will be between the cardboard and popsicle sticks. This helps reinforce the ends and prevents it from coming off after extended hanging.

5. Begin gluing the painted popsicle sticks onto the cardboard alternating red and white. Allow the glue to dry completely before attempting the next step.

6. Spray an even coating of Mod Podge Clear Glossy Coat to protect the paint.

7. Cut a small rectangle out of the blue cardstock. A scrap can be used for this. You can measure the piece to fit the upper left corner of the sign.

8. Glue the blue cardstock piece onto the popsicle stick sign and let dry.

9. Affix white or silver star stickers onto the blue piece.

10. Add embellishments (ribbons, raffia, buttons) as desired onto the ribbon of the sign.

In the example, I made a bow out of the same grosgrain ribbon I used for the hanger of the sign. I embellished it by gluing 2 buttons together to finish the piece.

*NOTE*  This activity can be altered so that it can be used for state or country's flags.


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