Friday, April 10, 2015

Airborne Product Review

Like most busy teachers with heavy work loads, it's easy to forget to take care of ourselves. I tend to skip meals and sleep a lot less during the school year. A lack of sleep and stress can cause a break down in the natural immune system.

When I discovered that Airborne® had a new product line called Airborne® Everyday™ Gummies, I was eager to try it. Other Airborne® products have been used in my household, and have been

I like the concept of being able to chew the Airborne® Everyday™ Gummies on the go. I compared the ingredients of the Airborne® Everyday™ Gummies to those of some of the other vitamin supplements that I have used in the past. It was important to me that the Airborne® Everyday™ Gummies contain all of the multivitamins that I want.

I don't like swallowing pills, so the ability to chew the Gummies made the product even more appealing to me. Airborne® Everyday ™ Gummies have a pleasing taste, and texture.

The price of the Airborne® Everyday ™ Gummies is less than what I would normally pay for vitamin and mineral supplements. The best part of using the Airborne® Everyday ™ Gummies is that I believe it is supporting my immune system. I recommend Airborne® Everyday™ Gummies to friends that need multivitamin support.

Would you like to try Airborne® Everyday ™ Gummies for yourself? Airborne® has sent me extra bottles of Airborne® Everyday ™ Gummies to give away to 3 of my fans/followers!

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*NOTE*   While I have been compensated with free product to trial,  all opinions expressed or implied in this post are my own.


  1. This sounds like something I could give my girls and feel good about it. We home school and are not exposed to as many germs so when we do go out, it seems they get sick every time. :(

  2. My favorite spring time beverage is diet iced tea :)

  3. My favorite spring time beverage is ice water.

  4. I love iced tea with a little lemon.

  5. I love ice cold iced tea (just plain). So refreshing!


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