Sunday, April 21, 2013

Celebrating Earth... And Mothers

Monday is Earth Day! 

How do you celebrate Earth Day in your classroom?   Do you recycle or talk about different objects that you might use in the classroom that can be re-used?  

At home, I try and find uses for containers such as bottles, boxes, and bags.  Bottles come in handy during kidding season as we use some of them to feed the babies with.  Boxes and bags are re-used year round so it's nice to have a little stockpile of different sizes.  I have saved packing pellets that have come in shipments to use for projects. Did you know that they aren't being made from foam anymore?  Some companies are starting to use soy packing pellets.  They are biodegradable and also edible!  Who would want to eat a packing peanut?  I don't know, but it's nice to see that businesses are starting to look more into using products that are better for the planet!

Did you know that you can recycle your used toner cartridges for your printers?  Staples has a program where you can earn cash back for all of the recycle cartridges that you turn back in.  There are companies online that also pay for certain cartridges. This might be a way for classrooms to earn a few bucks to put toward classroom projects. If you put a basket out for student's parents to drop off their used cartridges too, it adds up pretty quickly. If you Google "recycle ink cartridges," and look for the listings that offer buy back programs.  HP also offers a recycle program by providing a prepaid envelope to customers when they purchase ink direct from HP.  All you do is put the used cartridges in the envelope and mail it back.  HP takes care of the rest.  

 If you're looking for last minute activities to work on this week, my new Earth Day packet is on TPT.  Some of the items you'll receive are included in the previews.  Click on the images to be taken to my store!  I really like how the Earth Day Mobile turned out!   (All of my products feature my hand drawn images!!)  I have begun offering a small selection of commercial use artwork.  My Earth Day set is found here:

Click on the image to visit my store!

Mom's the word!

Mother's Day is coming up on May 12th.  Write it down! :) Every year, I receive email messages asking me for project ideas for kids to make and give their Mom's for Mother's Day.

I created this original card idea as freebie to celebrate MOM's last year and it was such a hit I thought I would share it with you today.  The teapot is actually a foldable card.  The tea cup has space to write on it. Add a nice tea bag (and maybe a gift card for a mani/pedi or favorite restaurant?)  and it makes a nice keepsake gift!

Click on the image to go download the freebie! 

Up next,  Tuesday I will be featuring a product from The Fun Factory as part of the S'more Product Swap event.  I am excited to share with you the cute packet from The Fun Factory.  
Also, stay tuned for some exciting news.... A little HINT:  My favorite bloggy friends and I have put together a super FUN event for teachers appreciation.  My lips are sealed as to what it is just yet. All I can tell you is that you won't want to miss it! :)
Have a great day....!!!
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