Friday, April 5, 2013

Let's Talk About Blogs, Baby.....(Link Up)

Happy Friday!

I was completing my morning ritual of perusing Pinterest *sigh* and I stumbled upon the "Let's Talk About Blogs, Baby" link up over at First Grade Smiles!   The idea is that each Blog that participates fills out a blank question grid, and then adds their own question about Blogging...  Sounds cool, right?  I decided to jump in and participate.

Below are my answers to the questions:  (Click on the image to go back to First Grade Smiles, so you can link up your own answers!)

I'm fairly new to writing my own Blog,  though I am not new to having my own website.  When I first began Blogging (a year ago), I thought that there was some great mystery in having one designed.  As I have spent hours Blog stalking, I have come to realize that a Blog is basically a virtual snapshot of WHO the Blogger is.

In many instances, you can read the carefully worded prose and almost hear the person talking. I can't tell you how many Blogs I have come across that I find myself wanting to read MORE either because the writer is hilariously funny, or is so creative that it makes Martha Stewart seem more like Home EC 101 back in high school rather than the crafty Diva she really is.

Each Blog is a unique experience. I tend to pick Blogs that are not so cluttered with buttons and links on both sides of the Blog (I prefer a minimalist display).  I love to look at PICTURES!!!   I also love it when people leave sweet comments. Comments that are self promoting asking me to follow their store or buy their product, not so much. :)

One little piece of advice that I have come to really take to heart <3 and that is to be ORIGINAL!!!  It can be really tempting when you come across a Blog that you really like and want to duplicate it.  The problem comes in where the focus is so much on being like someone else, that identity of the Blogger is lost.  A friend of mine commented not too long ago about wanting her Blog to be just like the "biggies" and I thought to myself how funny that was.  Her Blog is one of the best that I've seen, and she was worried about it not being like someone else's.  Keeping up with the Jones' Bloggy style?   I think not.  The best Blogs are a reflection of the person who writes on it.  Show a little of who you are, be a little daring, think OUTSIDE the BOX!!!  Write something about yourself, share with your readers that there is something more to you than a page with graphics, cute fonts, and a long post with products for sale.

A REALLY good Blog is one where the person reading it becomes engaged, and wants to read more.  All Blogs, especially this one, are works in progress.  So today I share this with you,  and tomorrow I will probably post something about my goats or purple poodle purses ( a joke with a friend.)   Remember to HAVE FUN.  Even if your Blog is designed to be a tool for your budding business, if it isn't fun (and causes stress or anxiety...(code for need for CHOCOLATE), then something is out of balance and it needs to be sorted out.

If you have some Bloggy advice,  be sure to stop by First Grade Smiles and leave some Bloggy Love!  I'd love to hear from you too!

Happy Blogging!!!


  1. LOVE this post Danielle. And I so needed to hear the advice. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Great advice :) Your blog IS pretty - I'm wondering if mine is a little cluttered. I will have to go and look at it with fresh eyes. I read back over my first posts and they seem very formal to me now. I was very hesitant about sharing personally and (now that I look back) a little worried about privacy/anonymity. As I've settled into blogging I've become more comfortable with sharing - takes time though. I, too love the blogs with real voices :) There's a pinterest quote somewhere that says something along the lines of when you look at some people's pinterest boards you think you could be friends - blogs are a little like that too :)


    Fun in the Fours

  3. I love this post! I've been stalking the teacher blog world for a while now before starting my own and would immediately click out of the cluttered blogs or the ones that were just promoting their TPT products every single post! I want to get ideas from you, not just buy all your store items. The best blogs for me are definitely the simple, funny, and full-of-ideas blogs :)

    My Special Learners

  4. Thank you all for your sweet words! I know that there is some hesitancy for some to put a lot of personal details. I think you can find a balance. It may take a little bit of time and practice to find your own voice. When I started out I was a little worried to about what I would write about. I have found the posts I've enjoyed the most are the ones where I let my hair down and am more ME. I agree so much Kayla, I am not a fan of Blogs that have something for sale every post. I've found that when people are interested in your work, they will click on the button to go visit the store rather than being bombarded with ads. It's kind of like commercials on TV. How many times do you click off a show when commercials come on? I even have an app on my Chrome to prevent ads. So I definitely wouldn't want a bunch of that on my Blog. It's a work in progress... Keep working at it!!! Have a wonderful weekend!!! -Danielle-

  5. Check out my shout out! Thanks to YOU! wendy

  6. Great advice. I'm loving reading this linky about blogs. I've always wondered others' perspectives.

    Learning and Teaching for Life


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