Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day, Facebook Hop, and Faves!

Happy Father's Day to all of the Dads, including my own.  Below is a picture of my Dad.  Sssshhh....don't tell my Mom, but I swiped the picture off of her website because I didn't have one handy. :)  My Dad is 70-something years old and still gets out and does barn chores, and drives around on the tractor.  He gets more done in a day than most people.  His favorite thing to do is listen to the Cardinals on his walkman, or play poker on his electronic game.  

Some of my TPT blogging friends and I are having a Facebook Blog Hop.   If you click on my banner below, you'll be teleported to my Facebook page. After the FB page opens up, there will be a tab just under the cover image that says "Freebie tab."   Like my FB page, and download a freebie.  You can also click through and visit my friend's Facebook pages, and download exclusive freebies from them too!   Hurry!!  The freebies are available for 3 days only!

Some of my FAVES....

I went to Walmart today.  The store has been renovated and everything moved around.  In order to find everything on my shopping list, I had to stroll around the whole store.  The craft section has been enlarged, though I will blog about THAT at another time! ;)

I caught a glimpse of the office supply isle while I was looking for something else.  I saw these neat little clip tabs in bright colors.  I guess you could say that they had me at pink, purple, orange, and lime! :)   If you look closely, you'll see that they are made with little paperclips.  Just think,  somebody like us most likely made millions off of that clever idea!  I bought a pack so that I could use them on my creative journals.  I normally use post it notes (love them!) but thought this might be fun to try.  They were $2.00 a pack, and contain 24 pieces.  They had cute patterned sets, different sizes. The little tab parts are a hard plastic rather than post it. I settled on the 4 colors because they will best match my color scheme in my office.  Though I wish they had purple.  Can't have enough glitter, or purple. ;)

I also found on the next isle that the new composition notebooks for this year have a different outer wrapping.  You can't really see it real well from the picture below, but the cover is more of a plastic with texture.  I loved the colors, so I bought 2.  You can never have enough composition notebooks.  I use them for keeping my sketches, notes, doodles, and misc. other details.  

The bright colored file folders.. love them!   They were $1.00 per pack and contain 3 folders.  That might be a little more spendy per piece than a case from Staples, but let's face it... they were cute, brightly colored, and I wanted them. LOL ;)  

The item below isn't something I picked up while shopping today, but it is one of my favorite things.  Many of you may recall that I live on a farm and raise dairy goats.  My hands get a little dry working with the animals, and because I wash my hands A L O T.     I really love Bath and Body Works products in general, so when I found this product I was eager to try it. 

The tile on the bottle says it all... "Hard Working Hand & Body Cream".... It is scented like strawberries!  I like using Bath and Body Works products because of my skin allergies too.  It's one of the only companies on the planet that I can use the majority of topical products from without having an allergic reaction.  This particular lotion has shea butter, cocoa butter, avocado butter, jojoba oil, coconut oil, almond oil and safflower oil.   Just from the description, you might think it would be greasy but it's not.    It soaks right in and  keeps my "hard working hands" soft and no lasting residue.  The scent is really nice too.  It's not over powering or overly sweet. It's just right.   $8.00 at Bath and Body Works..... and yep, it's time for me to order some more! :)

And.............last but not least... another one of my faves!  :)

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If you love glitter, 2nd grade, and Sugar and Spice...Hop on over to my friend, Christina's Blog!  She had a little "face life" to her Blog this week, and it looks FABULOUS!!!   I love the glitter, the colors, everything!!!  Christina is one of the most cheerful and sweet people I have met since I joined TPT.  I'm really happy for her, the new blog design is SOOO her! :)

Well friends,  that's it for now.  I hope everybody has a great week... I will be working on my Blog this week, so don't mind the glitter dust.  

Your friend...


  1. I LOVE those paper clip tabs Dani and use them every day in my notebooks! You will love them! :)

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