Sunday, June 9, 2013

Thank you friends... and summer is near!

This week flew by so fast.   It was a bit of a blur.  I enjoy being busy, especially for something as important as raising money for the teachers of Moore, Oklahoma.  The Teachers Care for Oklahoma fundraiser ended on June 3, with an amazing result.  Together, we raised $39,575.00 !!!  100% of the funds are headed directly to Moore, and will be dispersed evenly among the teachers of both schools (Plaza Towers, and Briarwood Elementary) destroyed by the May 20th Tornado.

I was amazed at how many people came forward to donate products, and help for their fellow teachers.  I am humbled by the generosity and kindness that everyone displayed. I am proud of the TPT Community for supporting this event.


Summer is around the corner.  Here in Arkansas, the weather has been different than years past.  We tend to get a bit of the residual from Oklahoma as well as from hurricanes that come up from the Gulf or Florida.  It's been cooler this year, which is quite nice.

I wrote last week in my "Currently" post that I needed to work on my house.  That is still true. LOL    I kept thinking if I wished for it, and was super good, maybe a cute Cabana boy would show up on my doorstep.  Not only to provide me with freshly blended fruity drinks (ok.. margaritas), and dust and do the windows... Alas... that just didn't happen. :)     I figure if I took one day off from work and got to it, maybe I would get done so I can get on with enjoying my summer. :)  Maybe.

I was perusing my files to find a summery freebie to post today, and realized that I don't really have anything super fun that I wanted to post.  So I am posting this Cat and Dog sorting game, and promise to post something summery next week!  Yep, you can hold me to it.   I have a lot of new drawings for the "ocean" theme that I'd like to share....

This sorting game is basic, it features cards of common and proper nouns.  The object is to sort them into 2 piles.  I did not have a recording sheet in this packet, as the person who asked me to make it didn't want one.  The game pieces are provided in both full color and BW.

Oh yes,  I forgot to mention that June 6th was my TPT birthday :)   I have been selling on TPT for 1 year.  As of tonight,  I just reached 700 followers!!!   I am so excited for what the future holds.  Thank you to everyone who is following my Blog, FB page, and TPT. The best is yet to come!!  

On the drawing board this week,  new classroom decor materials!    I've been working on custom orders.

Have a great week....  !!!

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday


  1. Super cute, just like your blog! ;) Thanks for sharing!

    Mrs. Beattie's Classroom

  2. We want to give a shoutout to Crayon Box Learning for supporting teachers in Moore, Oklahoma. The world needs more people like you. Your efforts helped many and are truly appreciated. Sincerely, Ana at


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