Thursday, August 1, 2013

August Currently...

Happy first day of August!    This is my birthday month.  Yep, you might have already guessed that I am indeed A VIRGO!!! :)  My birthday is the 26th,  and yes, I think there will be some sort of celebratory fun here on my Blog.  :)    

Be sure to hop on over to Farley's page (click link above) to show her some Bloggy love. I enjoy reading her Blog and seeing her project pictures. :)

What a day this has been already.  It actually started last night. I was up late because my Mom called me about 8pm to let me know her mare was going to foal.  She is a big mare, and was having a little trouble breaking her water.  TMI?  I am normally called in because my Mom isn't always strong enough to pull the babies by herself, and so I am the muscle. :)    As soon as I made it up the hill to their farm,  the mare had laid down and had her foal.  See pics below. He was quite a big baby.

His name is Zeus.  He's a registered Missouri Foxtrotter.

This morning,  I was given the O'dark 30 wake up call (I went to bed at 3am) to go run some errands and go to the store.  So I hopped in the truck and went on my way.  Um.. yea, road construction!  Both directions, resurfacing the roads.  Here in the south, instead of using asphalt, they use gravel mixed with this oily glue mixture.  After the vehicles drive over it enough, it makes it hard like asphalt, only grittier.  I guess it's cheaper, but it's something they do about every year or so.

So there were 2 delays there about 20 minutes.    I pull into the gas station, thankfully it wasn't too far from where I was. HA!   Gas station computer is broken, I can't use my card. HA!  No checks. I use just my cards so I had to get back in the truck and head to Walmart.  Did I mention, I am not a fan of Walmart?

Went to Walmart, realized that the list of things my Mom gave me to pick up for her was for items for a store clear across the county. :)  HA! Nice.   So after I toodled through the store, helped a nice ol' couple that couldn't find sheet protectors....I was out the door.  Oops.  Not. so. FAST!   The girl at the check out didn't scan my dog and cat food.  I was the 4th person in line that had to have a re-do.   The poor gal says to me... I don't think I'm having a very good day. :)  I laugh and say, oh girl, you don't even know the half of it. :)  I told her it would be alright, and to keep smiling. :)

I get to the truck... PHONE ... My Mom wants to know where I am and why it's taking me so long.  I laughed and said can I call you back.   Road construction again.  

After I got back, unloaded groceries, poured a nice tall glass of sweet tea and sat here under the whirring of the air conditioning I realized....  It's really not so bad.  I am blessed to have a home to come to, air conditioning, post it notes and other misc. school supplies in my bags,  and a smile on my face.  There are so many people out there that don't have a home, and stresses on their shoulders that are unimaginable.  The whole time I was driving I was thinking to myself my Mom says..."Patience dear.... "    lol   I don't know who Patience is, but I didn't think she was with me in the truck today. :)

LOVING:  I am loving the teal, purple, and pink colors featured in the B2S section at Walmart.  I couldn't help myself but purchase another handful of post it notes.  Surely there is a support group for that. :)

THINKING: I have been blessed this summer with a lot of custom illustration/design jobs.  Custom work is a little different than what I normally do in that generally a customer has specifications for color and design.  This year though, my customers have put it in my hands to create what I wanted to, and it's been nice to be a part of their classroom decor this year. :)

WANTING: Hahaha...  My first thought was to write down, "A hug!"  but then I thought about how nice it would be to have sand between my toes, a smoothie made by Gordon Ramsay, and not really have a care in the world. :) A girl can dream.... 

NEEDING:   Refer to wanting.  A. cabana. boy! :)    Applications are being accepted now.    I know that I have mentioned a cabana boy before, but I heard somewhere that if you say it enough, it's bound to come true. :)

B2S MUST HAVES:  On my list is more ink for my printer, a new Tablet, and more colorful binders.  Ink is a must have so I can print out some examples of projects.  A tablet, so I can try my hand at making some fonts, and colorful binders.........well because I want them, silly! LOL   No really,  I use binders for putting my illustrations and designs in, and I also use them for projects. 

Have you had a chance to sign up for "MY FAVORITE THINGS" Giveaway?  Yep,  it's going through August 8th.  Every day I put a *NEW* super cool free item (school related) in a box.  The winner will be drawn on August 8th.  To find out more about it, click HERE.


  1. Awww, the foal is sooo cute! It's amazing to me how fast they can stand up and start getting around. A cabana boy, huh? That would be something! :)


  2. The horse is so adorable! It seems like you are quite the animal lover. I also need more ink as having things previewed on the computer is just not the same as having a hard copy right in front of you! Yes… I NEED a cabana boy too! (:

    Tailor-made Teaching

  3. Nice to meet you. My birthday is the 31st! That foal is so cute! What a long night, though : ) Finally getting to more of the Currently entries...
    Kids Math Teacher


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