Friday, August 23, 2013

A Blog Make-Over....

Goooooood Friday Morning, Friends...

I wanted to post a little note to let you know that I will be working on my Blog this weekend.  I am changing some content around and adding some new items. I may even change the "decor" around a bit.

I've spent most of the summer creating and filling custom orders for classroom decor and learning centers! Yep, that's what I do! :)   I am still taking orders, if you have something in mind, let me know.

My 43rd birthday is Monday.  I ducked and winced a little bit when I said that.(:  Yes, folks, I am a VIRGO!   I also cannot believe where the time has gone.  It seems like only yesterday I was learning how to drive, and graduating from High School. Speaking of which, my 25th High School Reunion was a few weeks ago.  (No, I didn't go....too long of a commute back to Washington!) GO Panthers!   It was nice to see all the photos, and see that I am not the only one that has a little tinsel in the hair. :)  I graduated with a great group of people, in many instances friendships are stronger now than they were back in school.  I have a lot of great memories from back home.

As you all head back to school, and even your children are going to school... Make each day count!!. Learning is a wonderful thing, so is making memories.  I'll touch more on this subject when my Blog make-over is finished.  This year is going to be about focusing on positives, setting goals, and making memories!!!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Veronica - No, I went to Snohomish High School. (1988) :)


  2. Just found your blog. It looks great. If this needs to be made over my blog is in real bad shape. I always tell my students to learn something new everyday. Some do and some don't, but we have to keep giving them opps. Have a great year.

  3. One of the ways you get there is to get a good education and to take learning seriously. There are all kinds of people in the world and some like to brag. That is their problem.We would all be better off if we tried to make ourselves essay conclusion format better and make this world better by what we say and do, and treat others just like we want to be treated.


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