Sunday, September 22, 2013

Chillin' at Home with the new crew....

They're here! :)

Pictured below are the new Oberhasli does that came in from Kansas last week.  They are (l-r)  Audree, Athena, Astryd, and Ariel.  Ariel has a little "tyson" bite out of her ear, courtesy of one of her goat friends back in KS. :)   Oberhasli dairy goats are Swiss.  Oberhasli  are a little smaller in stature than the Alpine. They are known for their bay coloring and black leg, face, and dorsal markings. They will milk up to 2 gallons of milk a day, have higher butterfat than an Alpine.  Their milk has a slight sweet taste, and is sought after for making artisan cheeses.

One of the reasons I have these does now is to preserve the genetics.  These girls are purebred, and there are few purebreds left in the United States.  In part because when they originally were imported around 1936,  the animals were crossed with Alpines forming what is known as the American Alpine.  Sadly, all of the purebred genetics are being lost in part because of the difficulty in importing any new animals.

So now you know a little bit about the Oberhasli breed.

The weather has cooled here in Arkansas. I am very happy about that.  The nights are dropped down to the mid 50's.  The owls have been hooty hooting moreso than usual.  This is the kind of weather that is perfect for taking students out for nature walks.  

Have you downloaded my freebie,  Fall Leaf Booklet Template?  I created this booklet with nature walks in mind.  The idea is to use the template with cardstock, and slip inside Ziploc baggies. Then when the children collect leaves (or other items) on their nature walk, they can put them inside the baggies.  The booklet pages have space to write on too!

I also wanted to share this freebie with you for Manic Monday!  Everyone seems to LOVE the chevron pattern so I put together these editable labels for you to use!  The instructions for adding text is included in this zip file.

I'd love for you to leave me a comment and share what your classroom management style is. Do you use labels so that everything is neat and organized? 

Fall Learning Bundle

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Classroom Freebies Manic Monday


  1. Thank you. These are cute. I can think of several uses.

  2. I'm eyeing the Educents bundle - so many awesome goodies!
    Thanks for the chevron labels, I know I'll get a lot of use out of them :)

  3. Thanks for sharing the editable chevron labels. I love the colors and can't wait to use them!

    Smiling and Shining in Second Grade


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