Monday, September 2, 2013

Currently, Fun...

Yep, it's that time again!    I look forward to the Currently each month that is published by Farley, at Oh' Boy Fourth Grade!  It's the one time a month when I stop and really think about the questions.  Be sure to stop by Farley's Blog and show her some Bloggy love! :)

Listening:  I listen to various programs while I am working.  Right now, I am listening to Ally McBeal on Netflix.  I am wondering if there are really that many messed up people in the work place. 

Loving:  I spent part of the weekend re-organizing my office/studio.  I didn't realize that I needed to until I started moving stuff around on my supply shelf.  A large garbage bag later, and a few hours of messy chaos. :)  I'm almost organized again.  I still have a few things left to do, I will post a picture when I am done. I have to laminate some labels and vacuum. 

Thinking:  I have been thinking about what is on the drawing board.  I am anxious to prepare for the holiday season but in order for me to do that I have to get the right mindset.  My friend recommended that I listen to Christmas music, or do something festive to get in the mood for the holidays. :)  I'll let you know how that goes. LOL  I am thinking about watching the movie Elf.  It always makes me smile.

Wanting:  I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, where going to a beach took a few minutes and I could be at the ocean within an hour or two.  I moved to Arkansas in 2000, and I have not set foot on a beach since then.  I think I need to feel sand in my toes, and salt water lapping up over my feet.  

Needing:  Yep,  it's a little early but I need to start thinking about Christmas.  :)  Have you ever noticed how most of the stores have holiday items up a month or two before they are actually needed? The same thing applies for people like me who create for a living.  September = Christmas! :)    It's a little hard to get with it while it is still 90 degrees out..... 

Loving:  Cooler temps (yes, it is cooler today than it was last week.... the cool down is beginning),  The guys came and hayed the 2 big fields this weekend.  It smells sweet from the fresh cut grass. And... excited that Fall is almost here!   I will be bringing home a second herd of goats in about 2 weeks!  I can't wait.

If you read this far, YAY!  lol    I hope that you have a great week!  :)   Keep smiling, because you never know whose day you might brighten.

P.S.  Do you like the little mini make over I did on my Blog this weekend?


  1. I just found your blog through the linky. What part of the PNW are you from? I live up here. I love it. I have not watched Ally McBeal in a long time but I absolutely agree. I so happy I found your blog.

    Ms Richards's Musings

    1. Krystyn, I grew up in Washington in a small town called Snohomish. :) Glad to "meet" you! :)


  2. You just reminded me about Christmas! I already saw Christmas items starting to go up at Sam's and Walmart.

    1. Hi Amy! I was at Walmart the other day and they were moving stuff around gearing up for the holidays.:) Seems like it gets earlier every year!



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