Monday, March 31, 2014

April Currently.... here we go....!!!

Listening:   Normally I am listening to Netflix.  But I was engrossed in looking at photographs, and so the only sound is Jake whining.  He's whining because he just woke up abruptly. He snored himself awake! :)

Loving:  Springtime.  Need I say more?   Well ok.    The last few weeks it's been kidding season, and it's been really rough.  Though I LOVE the sights, sounds, and colors of spring.  Love the newness of the season, budding flowers, grass coming up, and baby animals.   Lucky to have 5 healthy, happy baby goats so far.  (One tiny one left for his new home on Saturday. :)  Love Springtime!

(The picture is of one of my baby goats.  He was born 10 days premature, weighed 1/2 lb at birth.)

Thinking:  I've been thinking about the victims of the devistating landslide in Oso, WA  on Saturday the 22nd.  640 acres of debris (including homes, trees, cars, trucks, contents of homes and farms, and well.. people too swept down the mountainside without any warning.  This place is located not too far from where I grew up in WA.  I know people that are up there helping with the search, volunteering and donating.   My heart goes out to all of these people, as well as those that are working tirelessly to find those that were swept away.  KIRO TV (Seattle)  

Wanting:  I need to get back to creating.  Being busy with farm detail has kept me from design work.  Though I have been working on a Blog design for a friend.  I work a lot, but it doesn't hurt to take some time off to do other things.  I miss creating though...  I bought some new Scentos markers today so I think that will make it better.  And chocolate.  :)

Needing:  Sleep.  I've not really had a good night sleep in about 3 weeks.  I should be in bed now, but Cassie told me that Currently was up and well... who can resist CURRENTLY?  I can't. :)

Time/Last Day:   I get up around 7 or so and I generally am working until 12:00 am or so.  I work from my home office and not a classroom so I build my day around my To Do List (and goats having babies. :)

Thank you for stopping by.  Be sure to click on the image above to visit Farley's page.  She rocks!   


  1. Hey Danielle! There's nothing cuter than wobbly legged goats. :) Your blog is adorable! I'm glad I found your blog. I know what you mean about the landslide ... it's incredibly sad. I can't imagine losing so many loved ones in such a freak accident. Get some sleep. ;)

  2. I can't believe you have goats. So precious. I have friends that were right by the mudslide. It's horrible. I feel so sad for all the missing people. I need to get some sleep but it's so hard when I have tons of things on my mind. Happy Spring to you.

  3. You live on a farm? Thats awesome :) And of course Scentos and chocolate would make it all better ;)

  4. HI Danielle,
    You have been busy with baby goats I would be so proud of me I learned how to trade out my facebook fan freebie you helped me with.
    Teaching and Much Moore

  5. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new blog look! Not only are you a talented "designer", you are also a talented writer!


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