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National Poetry Month - April

Coming up:  April is National Poetry Month!

I fell in love with poetry at an early age when one of my teachers began reading "Where the Sidewalk Ends" by Shel Silverstein.  I loved his usage of words, and the nonsensical world that he created. {My favorite Shel Silverstein book though has to be The Giving Tree!}  There was always a waiting list in the school library to check out his books.

My other favorite poet is Dr. Seuss.  {I know, I know... I dared to write the name in text.} I truly believe that Dr. Seuss was somewhat of a genius.  I'm in awe of his ability to make up words and put them into rhythmic verse. I bet there are few people that can read a Dr. Seuss book without picking up the rhythm and tempo.

I have been writing my own poetry/verses since I was in high school.  Some of which have been published. I tend to write rhymes all the time.  Here is a short that I wrote last year.

 Midnight serenade

Beginning with cricket's song, 
Twenty-five bullfrogs croaking along,
Flapping wings of bats on the prowl,
Mournful hoots from a hunting owl.

Coyotes echoing across the holler,
Jingling bells on the goat's collar,
Dreamy whinnies from sleeping foals,
Flinging dirt from the crazy moles.

Swaying branches of the weeping willow,
Grunting bug hunter, a friendly armadillo,
Midnight serenade ends on a good note,
Good thing, 'cause that's all she wrote!

Activities to celebrate National Poetry Month:

Words in a Hat:   A fun activity I like to implement is putting words in a hat (or other container),  and have the students try to create their own rhymes using the word or words that they selected.  For older students you can also put in the hat or write on the slips of paper what type of poem or pattern they have to come up with.  To add even more excitement, put students in small teams using a timer to see which teams can come up with the best or funniest poem in the period of time.

Magnet Poems:  You may have seen magnet words in magazines or in a store.  Before they became all fancy, you could print off your own words onto magnet paper.  {If you've never used magnet paper before, it is very cool.  Avery brand has it.  The 8 x 11 sheets of magnet have paper on one side that can be printed on, and magnet on the other side which sticks to metal surfaces.  It's pretty inexpensive and is a lot of fun. Give student teams a cookie sheet with some magnet words and have them build their own poetry.  

Poetry can be FUN!

To celebrate National Poetry Month,  I wanted to celebrate and share with you a couple poetry packets authored by a couple Blogging friends. {They do not know that I selected their packets to highlight!}  I've long believed that subjects that are taught in a fun manner are the ones that seem to maintain interest!  Poetry can be fun too!

Poetry Party!  A Poetry Unit for Kids written by Ms. Christina DeCarbo.  You may know her from 2nd Grade Sugar and Spice. This packet is really cute.  Some of the items included in this packet are poetry posters, and planning and thinking pages for students to write their own poems.  This is geared toward younger students.   If you have not taught poetry before, or would like to learn more about the different styles of poetry this packet is a good starting point!

Click the image to visit Ms. DeCarbo's TPT Store!

Pocketful of Poetry by Danielle Knight {Study All Knight} is a Flip Flap Book (Interactive Notebooking) that creates a "denim pocket."  This Unit is good for older students 6th-12th grade.  I chose this particular packet because a lot of classrooms are using Interactive Notebooks  to encourage writing, especially with their older students.  This packet includes poetry terms and definitions, various writing activities.  This packet comes with full instructions which is also a huge plus!   

Click the image to visit Danielle Knight's TPT Store!

April is National Poetry Month - Helpful Links

National Poetry Month on Pinterest 

I have created a new board on Pinterest to add cool links to celebrate National Poetry Month.  Check it out here.  I will be adding onto it throughout the month of April.

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