Saturday, January 12, 2013

Meet Mr. Giso - Product Swap


I signed up in December to participate in my first Product Swap, hosted by Jessica Stanford. I've never participated in one of these activities before. The main idea is to swap a product with another teacher seller and then review their product. Sounds like fun, right?

WHO: The teacher that I was partnered with is Rich Giso, a First grade teacher from Maine. Mr. Giso has a blog called "Mr. Giso's Room to Read. Mr. Giso has been teaching for over 14 years in various settings. He returned to the classroom after working as a reading coach.

Mr. Giso's Classroom!  Who wouldn't want to be a student in his class?  

WHAT:  The product that I agreed to review is the Read and Write the Room Bundle of Hunts!    This packet comes with 46 separate "Write the Room" scavenger hunt sheets.  They include topics like vowels, word families, colors, famous Americans, compound words, and much more!  Each packet also comes with artwork to create the scavenger hunt box too!

These are just a few examples of the 46 separate scavenger hunt "Write the Room" forms.  What I liked about this packet is that there were several options for the "Write the Room" activity.  There are enough different pages to work on several each month and not duplicate the activity.  This is a resource that can be printed off and prepared ahead of time.

WHY:  Why not?   I can't think of a reason not to add this Mr. Giso's packet to your resource library!

WOW:  Mr. Giso is having a SALE!!  Woo hoo!!  Starting Saturday, January 12 at 7:00 p.m. through Saturday, January 19th, you can receive 20% off any item in his store!   That's right!  You can receive a discount on the packet mentioned above too! :)  Click HERE to visit his store!


I enjoyed reviewing Mr. Giso's "Read and Write the Room Bundle of Hunts." I hope that you will enjoy it as much as I did.  Mr. Giso's Blog is also a great find.  It includes book reviews of different children's books that he has used in his classroom, projects that he has developed. One of the features that I loved was the "tour of his classroom" which is located on the right side bar.  To visit Mr. Giso's Blog to learn more about him and his class, click on the link below!

To visit all of the Blogs for the other wonderful participants in Mrs. Stanford's Product Swap, click Here!


  1. Thanks so much for a fantastic review of my product. I love your blog!

  2. What a great review! I am finding so many great products tonight!


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