Saturday, January 12, 2013

Snowman Paper Bag Scrapbook

Materials Needed:

White Paper Bags 5-6 (lunch size)
Permanent Ink Marker (orange, black)
Medium/Small Black buttons, 2 sizes. (2 medium for eyes, 5 smaller for mouth)
Binder Rings (2)
Pink crayon or colored pencil
Hole punch
Ruler (optional)


1. Stack 5-6 white paper bags together with the folded bottom of the bag face down.
2. Measure how long you'd like your snowman scrapbook to be. For my example, the measurements are 6 ½ x 5 ½ inches. Here, you have the option of cutting the bags the same length, or you can move ahead to the next step before cutting the bags.
3. Take the top bag, and measure equal distances from the edge to punch the holes for the binder rings.
Punch 2 holes in the top bag, and then use it as a guide to punch the holes in the remaining bags.
4. Put the binder rings in the holes.
5. If you have not already cut your bags, you can do so now. Having the binder rings in place will help make sure the pages are even.
6. Using an orange non-bleed marker (I used 2 orange Sharpies), draw a carrot nose in the center of the top bag. For my example, I made my snowman's nose slightly upturn.
7. Using a pink crayon or colored pencil, shade the cheek area to give the snowman rosey cheeks.
8. Glue 2 medium sized black buttons above the carrot nose to make the snowman's eyes.
9. Below the carrot nose, glue on 5 smaller sized buttons to make the snowman's smile.
10. Tie ribbons onto binder rings to finish the Snowman Paper Bag Scrapbook cover.
11. Let dry completely before using the Snowman Paper Bag Scrapbook.

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