Sunday, March 10, 2013


When I think if springtime, I think of birds and butterflies, baby animals, and the color green. Where I live, the pastures are starting to "green up," and the birds have taking up residence on my deck looking to make their new nests. I'll have a few projects this spring focused on birds!

That brings us to butterflies. There is something magical about butterflies. There are so many different colors, shapes, and sizes. I enjoy taking pictures of the different varieties. You could do the same with your class by using disposable digital cameras and take pictures of the different bugs, butterflies, and birds that you observe with your class!  I've used photos to create curiosity bulletin boards where I blow up the images, and see if the students can identify what the subject of the photo is.  I also have printed digital pictures onto cardstock, and made puzzles.

I have a butterfly freebie for you today:

Click the Butterfly Cover to download the freebie!

This freebie includes an 8 card butterfly flashcard set, a butterfly coloring sheet, and a butterfly color by letter worksheet.  The flashcards are provided in both full color and black & white for flexible printing options!

My Bloggy friend, Karla from Life in Special Education has organized a wonderful fundraiser for a little boy at her school who has recently been diagnosed with a brain tumor (cancer). It's so hard to think of a child so young having to deal with such grown up problems.  Karla and some of her Bloggy friends (including yours truly) contributed some wonderful teaching materials which she has bundled together to help raise funds for Cole's family.  The products are valued at over $160.00!!!!   For a $25.00 contribution, you will be sent this amazing packet.  Over and beyond the materials you'd receive, it would be helping a family that is already going through so much.  It is unknown how many surgeries or treatments Cole will need to have. Click on the logo above, and visit Karla's Blog.  There you'll see pictures of Cole, with news/information about his care. It would mean a lot to me if you would pass the word along to your bloggy friends and PIN on Pinterest as well. The more we can get the word out, the more we can do to help Cole's family!!! Thank you!!!

Have you made your way around the Find the Leprechaun's Gold Blog Hop?  There are just a few days left to make your way around to all 15 Blogs to collect your freebie and gold coins.  What is super cool about this Blog Hop is that when you collect all 15 coins and come up with the correct phrase, you can enter to win a chance at $100.00 in TPT Gold!  Can you imagine how much fun stuff you could purchase with $100?

This link will take you back to my Blog post that tells you all about the Blog Hop.  You can continue on from there by following the links on each Blog.  Good LUCK! :)

On the drawing board this week, a spring pattern packet, butterfly activities, and Easter goodies!  I can hardly wait to show you what I have been working on!   Now that kidding season is almost over! (whew!),  I will have more time to write, draw, and create!  :)  

I am excited for this spring!  I went out to the barn this morning after the heavy rains and the pastures were all bright green.  The new grass has come up over night and it's the prettiest shade of green.  

Wishing you a wonderful week!  Feel free to leave me a comment,  I LOVE hearing from all of you!  

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Happy Teaching!

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  1. Thank you so much for the cute freebie! I love butterflies, but my 20 year old daughter has a butterfly phobia. When she was in high school she suffered a concussion when she ran head on into a brick wall trying to get away from the evil beast know as a butterfly! Nope, I am not kidding...true story!


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